Troubleshooting A Weak Toilet Flush

A weakly flushing toilet can be an embarrassing problem, especially if you forget to double flush after use. Fortunately, it's a problem that can usually be repaired. Symptoms of a Weak Flush Weak flushes often first become noticeable when a single push of the handle doesn't get the job done. You may need to flush twice, or even three times, to get rid of solids or excessive paper in the bowl. Read More 

Problems That Cause Your Toilet Tank to Leak and Plumbing Repairs That Help

Toilets often last a long time and don't give you too much trouble except for an occasional clog. However, a toilet and the parts inside can need to be repaired or replaced if they wear out or start leaking. A toilet leak can drive up your water bill or cause water damage in your bathroom. If your toilet is leaking, start your search with the tank since it holds water. Here's how to test the tank for a leak and some plumbing repairs that could be needed. Read More