Techniques For Handling Clogged Sinks

Clogs in your sink can be a huge source of frustration. Not only do clogs lead to stagnant water and endless irritation, but they can also wear down your pipes a lot quicker than you might expect. In turn, this can lead to your pipes needing to be replaced much sooner than normal, which will cost you both time and money, Therefore, it is critical that you are able to bust clogs as soon as they appear. Read More 

Preventing Septic Tank Dangers

A well-maintained septic tank is a safe and environmentally safe system that takes care of your home's waste material. It can pose dangers to both you and your pets, however, if it begins to fail. Exposure to septic water can cause certain medical conditions. You must take immediate action if you believe your septic tank is no longer working properly. Septic Failure When your septic system works properly, the solid waste that flows into the tank settles on the bottom while oil goes to the surface. Read More 

Septic Tank Maintenance: 3 Tips For Toilet Paper Use

A septic tank system is a very delicate environment, and it can have a negative reaction if you put something in it that does not belong. This can even include the toilet paper you use. The following are some things to keep in mind when choosing the type of toilet paper for your home: One Ply Only Toilet papers lure people in with their television commercials demonstrating the thickness and softness of their product over the one ply options. Read More 

Don’t Do-It-Yourself: 3 Plumbing Repairs Best Left To The Professionals

Owning a home requires a significant amount of maintenance. While many homeowners pride themselves on their ability to make minor repairs around the house, there are some projects that shouldn't be tackled by an amateur. When it comes to plumbing, many repairs are better left to the professionals.  Here are three types of common plumbing repairs you may be tempted to complete yourself, but should be handled by a qualified plumber instead. Read More 

Home Remedies For Clogged Kitchen Drains

Clogged kitchen drains are, unfortunately, a reality of owning a home. Rather than hire a plumber every time you have a clogged drain, you should know at least a few methods for clearing your drains. With a few basic tools or household chemicals, you should be able to take care of many of the clogs that develop in your drains. P Is the Most Helpful Letter Each kitchen drain will be fitted with a P-trap, which is used to trap water, which in turn traps odors from the sewer before they leak into your house. Read More