Keep Your Loved Ones Safe From Carbon Monoxide When Heating Your Home

Before winter winds and chilly temperatures strike, familiarize yourself about the potential hazards related to Carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can be emitted from your heating system, and it may permeate the home, which is dangerous. Be sure to talk with HVAC contractors about your distinct heating system and whether it appears to be causing hazardous emissions in the air that your family breathes. Some things to know about carbon monoxide (CO) dangers in your home include: Read More 

Simple Ways To Conserve Water Around The Home This Summer

Water conservation can be practiced both inside and outside of your home this summer. By making a few minor adjustments, you can save on the water bill and be kind to resources at the same time. Ways To Conserve Water in the Kitchen Idea #1: Instead of running tap water until you have the water cold enough to drink, keep a pitcher in the refrigerator. It will also help you get the healthy eight glasses daily quota. Read More 

Have A Dog? Learn How To Keep The Hair Out Of Your Drains

You may love your furry friend, but not like the hair that they leave behind in your house. For those that bathe their pets in their own bathtub, pet hair can get into your drain and cause clogs that are even worse than those caused by your own hair. If you want to prevent this from happening, be sure to follow these tips when giving your dog a bath. Brush Your Dog Before Washing Them Read More 

Reduce The Chances Of Mildew In Your Tub By Making Your Shower Curtain Mildew-Proof

Keeping your bathroom in good shape and preventing mildew involves more than just catching leaks and ensuring your shower is spraying in the right direction. The very presence of water is a great environment for the growth of mildew or mold. If you've just had your plumbing redone and remodeled your bathroom, you'll still have to contend with keeping mildew off of places like your shower curtain. Here are three ways to take care of that detail. Read More 

2 Problems That Can Destroy A Water Heater Over Time

By and large, water heaters are fairly simple machines, ones that don't require a whole lot of regular maintenance. Yet letting your heater languish too long without TLC can lead to time-consuming and expensive problems. This article will introduce two issues that, left unchecked, will eventually destroy your heater. Sediment Virtually all water contains some degree of mineral content. When such minerals--usually magnesium and calcium--are present in high enough quantities, the water is referred to as " Read More