Potential Septic Pump Problems

Septic pumps are responsible for pumping treated wastes out of the septic tank for disposal in the drain field. Thus, a failed septic pump will allow waste to accumulate and overwhelm your septic system. Below are the major issues that can plague your septic pump. Mechanical Problems Here are some of the potential mechanical problems. Corrosion: The septic pump works in a wet environment where it has constant contact with moisture. Read More 

Clogged Sewer Line? Three Steps To Take

A clogged sewer line is more serious than a clogged drain or toilet since it has the potential to impact your entire house. Many homeowners realize they have a problem when they notice their toilet and multiple drains emptying more slowly. In severe cases, backups caused by clogs can cause sewage to enter your home through your drains. Having your clogged sewer line cleared can eradicate these problems. The next time you suspect a clogged sewer line, do these things first. Read More 

4 Things To Consider When Replacing The Pipes In Your Home

Replacing the pipes in your home is definitely something you want to consider if the pipes in your home are extremely old. This is going to help you avoid inevitable problems, such as leaks and water damage in your home. When it comes to replacing the pipes, here are four things to consider: Use New Galvanized Pipes: Galvanized pipes are the type of pipes you may currently have if the pipes in your home are extremely old. Read More 

Bathtub Floods

When the bathtub floods, it is usually caused by operator error. Either you turned on the water and were interrupted before turning it off, or you children were playing and left the taps open. No matter the cause, the damage can be extensive. You can take a few steps to limit bathtub flooding and the problems it causes. Damage When the tub overflows for any period of time, it can cause significant issues in your home. Read More 

Ready To Have Kids? Make Sure You Prepare Your Plumbing!

When you're pregnant or trying to conceive, there's a lot to do in preparation for your little one's arrival. One thing that parents sometimes neglect is preparing their plumbing for kids. While some of these tasks can surely wait until your baby is approaching toddler age and becomes more independent, it's a good idea to start thinking ahead to the plumbing modifications you'll need to make for your child's safety and your own peace of mind. Read More