Save Your Sink By Avoiding These Items

If you are like most people, you use your sink more than most other appliances in your home. You use your sink to wash your hands, wash your dishes, cook, and clean. This means that taking care of your sink is crucial.

If you find you frequently get clogs in your home drains, a plumber may advise you to avoid putting the following items down your drain.


Foods like pasta and rice can be very bad for your sink. When these foods get in the sink, they can soak up a lot of water and break apart. Together, this combination of factors leads to a clog. Small bits of pasta and rice can build up in the sink as well, so even small amounts should be avoided for use in the garbage disposal.

Oils and Grease

One of the worst things you can do for your sink is pour grease down the drain. Grease, even when it is liquid, can solidify inside in your pipes. This can lead to serious clogs that can catch other things, including food. Grease can solidify even when it's pushed down with hot water. This creates a trap.

Gritty Foods (Like Coffee Grounds)

Foods that are small and fine, like coffee grounds, can be very bad for your sink. They can also lead to less water flow further down your pipes because the debris creates such a major clog.

The same applies to things like eggshells. Large chunks of shells can grind down in your garbage disposal but then get stuck to your pipes. This is especially troublesome if the shells mix with grease and become sticky.

Large Objects

Of course, accidents happen. It's possible that you might accidentally send something of value, or something large, down the drain. You could end up with a reason to call a plumber to retrieve the item.

Call a Plumber Today to Fix Your Sink

Plumbers have seen it all. They have seen everything from sponges to wedding rings washed down the sink. Often, there is no stopping these things from happening. The good news is that a plumber can step in.

Additionally, plumbers can fix issues that may arise after something else went down your sink and caused a clog or other plumbing issue. If this sounds like your problem, a plumber can dissolve the clog without causing additional problems. Call as soon as you see a problem for the best results.