Things to Check When Your Gas Water Heater Stops Working

Heating the water in your home with a gas water heater is an efficient way to provide a constant supply of hot water when you need it. If your water heater is not working as it should be, there are some things that need to be checked by a qualified plumber.

1. The Gas

If your gas water heater is not running, a contractor should first check is that there is gas or propane in the fuel tank that feeds your water heater. If your gas water heater is supplied from a natural gas line, you may need to check with the gas company to ensure their gas service is on and working correctly.

Once the line comes into the house, it connects to the gas water heater at a safety valve that may not be allowing the gas to flow into the burner on the water heater. Your plumber will check the safety valve when they arrive to troubleshoot your gas water heater. 

2. The Electronics and Power

If the gas line is okay, checking the power to the water heater is the next step. They'll check the breaker in the electrical panel and be sure that the breaker is in the on position and has not tripped off. If the breaker is off, turning it back on once is okay, but if it kicks off a second time, do not turn it back on. The plumber can then check the electrical components on the water heater and determine where the problem is. 

3. Any Leaks from the Water Heater

If your gas water heater is leaking, the plumber will need to check the tank and the water lines to determine where the water is coming from. If the water heater is still running and you detect the leaks yourself, shut it off until the plumber arrives to address the issue.

Most gas water heaters have a valve on the water line feeding the water heater. Shut off the water to the heater so that no more water runs into the tank while it is leaking. Make sure you let the plumber know that you have shut the water off when they arrive, so they know to turn it on if they need to.

If the water heater has a hole in the tank, the plumber will need to remove the gas water heater and replace it with a new unit. The plumber will need to know how to deal with the plumbing, electrical, and gas feeding the heater, so make sure you let them know which system you're using when you call the plumber. 

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