Potential Septic Pump Problems

Septic pumps are responsible for pumping treated wastes out of the septic tank for disposal in the drain field. Thus, a failed septic pump will allow waste to accumulate and overwhelm your septic system. Below are the major issues that can plague your septic pump.

Mechanical Problems

Here are some of the potential mechanical problems.

Corrosion: The septic pump works in a wet environment where it has constant contact with moisture. Over time, the pump can corrode. Corroded moving parts will experience increased friction that will interfere with their movements.

Loose Connections or Fittings: The septic pump comprises of several parts such as inlet and outlet pipes, lifting eyes, vent, and motor, among others. All these parts should fit snugly for the efficient operation of the pump. External forces, such as earth movements, can throw the connections out of their normal positions. The effect will be increased play in the pump, leading to inefficient operations.

Physical Damage: The septic pump can also suffer physical damage. For example, negligent construction activities and falling trees can damage the pump.

Blockage: The septic pump has an impeller that rotates to drive the waste out of the tank. The impeller has a limit as to how much force it can handle. Solids or heavy debris such as towels or tree roots can impede the impeller's movements.

Electrical Problems

Aside from mechanical problems, the following electrical problems can also affect your septic pump.

Damaged Insulation: Electrical wires are insulated to keep power flowing only in approved materials and directions. Damage to electrical insulation can allow power to flow via unintended paths, thereby triggering a short circuit. A short-circuit in the pump will interfere with its normal operations.

Overheating: The pump can overheat if it is damaged or overworking. Sustained overheating can damage the motor and grind its operations to a halt. 

Overloading: The septic pump's power should match its load. If you use a smaller pump than the tank deserves, the pump won't work as well as it should, and your septic system might flood with wastes.

Tripped Breaker: Since the septic pump operates on electricity, a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse will affect its operations. A tripped breaker may be the result of a problem within the pump or a problem in the electrical panel.

The septic pump is integral to your septic system's operation. A failed septic pump is an emergency that a professional technician should diagnose and fix as soon as possible. Contact septic tank pumping services to address these mentioned issues.