Bathtub Floods

When the bathtub floods, it is usually caused by operator error. Either you turned on the water and were interrupted before turning it off, or you children were playing and left the taps open. No matter the cause, the damage can be extensive. You can take a few steps to limit bathtub flooding and the problems it causes.


When the tub overflows for any period of time, it can cause significant issues in your home. If the tub is on the second floor, it can almost immediate harm the floors and the ceiling beneath, causing stains and even holes to appear. The bathroom drywall can also be damaged if the water runs deep and covers part of the walls. Flooring can even be permanently harmed. In all, an overflowing tub can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.


Although the most common cause of tub flooding is likely simple carelessness, another reason for bathtub flooding is a faulty overflow drain. If you believe in conserving natural resources, you may never get enough water in your tub to test the overflow. If your kids decide to fill up the tub, water can pour down the overflow outlet and pour onto the flooring. This hidden flooding can be as devastating as the simple over-the-side flood and will require a call to the plumber to fix this issue.

Emergency Actions

Depending on the amount of flooding involved, you may need to call a company specializing in water damage. In the short term, throw down all the towels you can find. If you have a wet dry vac, employ it as quickly as possible. If not, see if you can borrow one from a friend or neighbor. Experts also recommend that you wipe off the legs of your furniture and wrap them with aluminum foil until the surrounding area dries out. A water damage contractor can save many items that are affected by this excess water and keep your home from becoming overcome by mold and mildew.

Bathtub flooding can seem overwhelming, and it can seriously damage your home. Once you discover the flooding, determine the cause. Then take emergency steps to limit the damage. To prevent this problem from occurring in the future, you can invest in a water level alarm that will blast out a warning when water hits it. You can also test your overflow drain to make certain that it is functioning properly. Bathtub floods can be prevented, saving you a great deal of money and stress.

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