Ready To Have Kids? Make Sure You Prepare Your Plumbing!

When you're pregnant or trying to conceive, there's a lot to do in preparation for your little one's arrival. One thing that parents sometimes neglect is preparing their plumbing for kids. While some of these tasks can surely wait until your baby is approaching toddler age and becomes more independent, it's a good idea to start thinking ahead to the plumbing modifications you'll need to make for your child's safety and your own peace of mind.

Install a Toilet Lock

This one's more to protect your wallet than to protect your child! Kids love flushing things down the toilet, so you may want to invest in a toilet lock so you're not faced with expensive plumbing bills when a stuffed animal, baseball, or toy car causes a clog. Toilet locks are simple plastic devices that fit on the edge of your toilet seat and lid. You have to turn the handle in a very specific way in order to unlatch the lock and open the seat. This way, only adults can open it.

Install a Scald Guard

When your child arrives, you might want to turn down the temperature on your hot water tank so there is less of a risk of your child burning themselves. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends setting your tank at 120 degrees F to minimize the risk of scalds. You may also wish to install a scald guard on your shower or on sinks that your child will frequently use. This is a device that is mounted into your hot water pipe a ways down from the sink or shower head. It senses the temperature of the water, and if the water gets too hot, it automatically blocks the flow of the hot water. This will prevent your child from getting burned if he or she decides to play with the shower or faucet.

Purchase a Faucet Extender

A faucet extender is a little plastic or metal piece that hooks into the end of your faucet to bring the flow of water closer to the front of the sink. They come in all sorts of colors and character shapes and make it a lot easier for young kids to wash their hands without assistance. The faucet extender may prevent slips that happen when little kids try to reach a far-away faucet.

Making the simple plumbing modifications above will leave you more prepared for your little ones' needs. For more information, contact professionals like Watson Plumbing.