A Simple Guide On How To Unclog Your Toilet

Your home toilet can sometimes develop clogs, usually due to too much volume in the bowl or an obstruction in the trap. Luckily, unclogging a toilet isn't usually a complicated job, and you can usually do it safely by yourself. If water won't go down your toilet, use the steps below to get rid of the clogging and get your toilet working smoothly.

Toilet clog preparation

A water spill is usually a real concern as you unclog your toilet, so be sure to remove any rags or other items on the floor that could be damaged by the dirty water. To lower the possibility of splashing and a spillover during plunging, dispel some of the water into an old bucket beforehand. This is especially important if the water in the bowl is near the rim. You should also refrain from flushing the toilet again, as this may cause a spill. Lastly, keep a mob nearby just in case water spills over. 

Before you start unclogging your toilet, you should also ensure that you don't have a more serious plumbing problem resulting from a clogged sewer line. Check to see if there are water backups in your bathroom tub or drains, in which case you should call in a plumber to locate and dislodge the obstruction in the main drain. 

Use a plunger

If the water backup is only present in the toilet, then you are typically dealing with a toilet clog. The easiest and most effective way to dislodge a clog is to use a plunger. The plunger will usually generate extra force on the volume causing the clog, forcing it down the trap and thus restoring the flow of water. 

For a plunger to work properly, you need to firmly attach it to the bowl so it creates an airtight seal. Then move the plunger down and up quickly to generate sufficient pressure to dislodge the clog. Continue with this process until water starts going down the bowl. 

Use a toilet auger

Some clogs are lodged deep inside the trap and are usually not easy to remove using a plunger. If you are dealing with such a scenario, a toilet auger could be the tool you need for the job. An auger typically has a long metal snake that can extend deep into the trap and push any clogs stuck in the sharp bends in the pipe.

Simply pull the handle all the way up and position the auger inside the trap opening. Next, turn the handle to extend the metal snake into the base of the toilet so as to remove any clogging inside the trap. 

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