Is Your Plumbing System Properly Vented? Know About 3 Potential Problems If It Isn’T

Plumbing vents are something that homeowners don't typically pay attention to. Unfortunately, a plumbing system that is not properly vented could lead to some serious problem. Here are 3 potential issues that could come up.

Leaking Sewer Gas From Your Sewer Drains

Pressure equalization in your home's plumbing system is created due to the plumbing vents. The system is crucial for when you want to keep the system operating and lead sewage discharge and liquid waste outside of your home. The pressure created helps keep water inside the U-trap below all of your plumbing fixtures, like the sinks.

A vent that is blocked or cracked won't supply the proper atmospheric pressure needed for it to operate. You'll end up with a vacuum being created when you get rid of wastewater. Negative pressure will be created within your plumbing, which will suck all of the water out from your plumbing traps. Dry traps are what allow sewer gases to get into your home through the drains, because the water is what blocks the gases.

Leaking Sewer Gas From Vent Pipes

Drainpipes are not the only part of your plumbing system that have sewer gas in them, since vent pipes will also contain gas that is vented out through a pipe in your roof. If this pipe becomes damaged in any section before it reaches the vent, it could be releasing sewer gases into your home. This will be difficult to pinpoint, because the vent pipes lives between your walls and is incredibly difficult to access without ripping open a wall.

Plumbing Lines That Drain Slowly

Atmospheric pressure does a lot more than make sure that the traps under your sinks remain filled with water. The pressure is also needed for pushing out sewage discharge and liquid waste to the main city sewer line or your home's septic tank. When there is low pressure in the pipe, sediment is more likely to settle in the pipe, which will cause a partial blockage leading to the drain moving very slowly. You'll typically hear a gurgling sound in the drain when you have this problem.

Even though you cannot see it, a plumbing system needs to be properly vented for it to run effectively. If you are experiencing any of these problems in your home, then you will definitely need the help of a professional plumber like those at Absolute Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Services Inc to diagnose and fix the problems for you.