4 Spring Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Once the snow has started to melt and spring starts to arrive, you should perform a few spring plumbing maintenance tasks. These tasks will ensure that you don't have problems with your plumbing through the summer time.

Check Your Outdoor Faucets

Your outdoor spigots are important for hooking up your hose and having access to your water outdoors. These spigots can freeze during winter, and it is important for you to inspect them for damage once spring arrives. Check for leaks inside of the home, in the area that leads to the spigot. This can indicate that the pipes froze and cracked during the winter. Check these spigots for leaks. Leaking spigots can increase your water bill, cause damage to your home's exterior, and should be fixed at the start of spring.

Inspect and Clear Your Floor Drains

If you have floor drains, you want to be sure that they are in perfect order before the rain of spring arrives. Make sure that these drains are not clogged by pouring water down them and ensuring it can drain quickly. If your drains are clogged, use a snake to clear the clogs to ensure that any water can quickly drain away. Make sure that your drains have strainers to prevent debris from going into your pipes and causing clogs.

Inspect Your Exposed Plumbing

During the wintertime, your exposed plumbing is more susceptible to freezing due to the lack of insulation. Frozen pipes don't necessarily mean burst pipes; they can cause smaller amounts of damage like cracks and loose connections. Once spring rolls around, turn the water on and inspect your exposed pipes. If you notice water leaking as it travels, replace the damaged pipe yourself or call in a plumber.

Clean and Inspect Your Water Heater

During the cold winter months, your hot water heater is used often for hot baths, showers and access to piping hot water. Water heaters should be inspected and cleaned at the start of spring after heavy winter usage. You should carefully drain your water heater to remove any built-up sediment and debris. After your water heater has been drained, refill it with clean water.

If you notice any problems with your plumbing while performing your spring maintenance, get them fixed immediately in order to prevent any further problems. Call up a local plumber in your area to restore your plumbing and you can be sure to prevent any disasters from striking your home.