Getting A Better Glass Of Water From Your Kitchen Faucet

Your local municipal water district does a good job delivering clean water to your home. But you may be put off by the chlorine smell or taste. You may also be concerned about contaminates in the water that could cause health issues. A number of water purification services are available for the home to give you an even better source of water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Starting with simple devices that you can install yourself and moving to professionally installed home water filtration equipment, here are some of the options for getting purer water at home.

Carbon Filters

This can simply be a water pitcher that you keep in the refrigerator. The water passes through a filter containing carbon granules. The granules filter out large particles, as well as chlorine and some pesticides. The carbon needs to be replaced periodically as it becomes less effective. Small water testers are used to measure how effective the carbon is in filtering out the contaminants.

Other carbon filters can be attached to the faucet or the water supply line under the sink to filter the water when you turn on the faucet. Carbon filters are so effective that they are often used with other water filtration systems.

Ceramic Filters

With this filter, water flows through tiny pores in a ceramic sleeve. This is a mechanical filter which traps smaller particles, parasites and some minerals. Because it removes some minerals, this filter has a water softening effect. The sleeve needs to be scrubbed periodically to clean out the pores. These filters are available to attach to the faucet or water line and may include a carbon filter to remove even more contaminates from the water.

Ultraviolet Light Filters

Ultraviolet (UV) light kills bacteria, viruses and some parasites in the water. Your home water flows over UV light tubes to kill these harmful microorganisms. These filters need to be installed by a local water filtration or plumbing company. The UV tubes fade over time and must be replaced to continue being effective. This filter may also include a carbon filter to remove chlorine, pesticides and other chemicals.

Copper and Zinc Filters

This filter uses copper and zinc granules that create ions which pull chemicals, minerals, bacteria and parasites from the water. These filters also soften the water by removing heavy minerals. A carbon filter stage is often used with this filter. The copper and zinc granules must be replaced periodically when they stop being effective. These systems need to be professionally installed in your home.

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