Tips On Preventing Shower Blockages

You likely already know what things you shouldn't flush down the toilet because they can increase the risk of a blockage, but then you might find yourself puzzled as you look at a blockage in your tub or shower stall. While you have multiple ways or fixing the blockages – everything from using a drain snake or a harsh chemical to calling your local plumbing professional – it's ideal to make sure that your showering habits don't lead to a blockage in the first place. Here are some tips on how you can prevent shower blockages.

Brush Your Hair Before Showering

If you find that you lose a significant amount of hair each time you wash it, you need to remember that all of this hair will be ending up in your drain – and possibly increasing the risk of a clog. You can minimize the amount of hair that gets washed down the drain by simply brushing your hair before you shower. Doing so will remove the hair that is loose and would likely fall out as you scrub, but it will be caught in your brush and you can easily place it in the garbage can.

Reconsider Your Shaving Strategy

Shaving in the shower, regardless of your gender, can be convenient because the mess is washed away. The concern is partly due to which products you use to shave. While foamy soaps will break down easily, shaving oil – which many people use for the smooth job it helps with – can coat the drain. If you use shaving oil, consider using a different product that washes away easier. For men, you might also wish to think about shaving in the sink. While it's true that your sink can clog, it's typically easier to deal with because you can access the trap underneath, if necessary.

Reconsider Your Use Of Oily Products

From suntan lotion to a variety of different face and body products, you might often find yourself covering your skin with oily substances. The benefits of doing so notwithstanding, the concern with such products is that an oily residue will get washed down the drain during your shower. Even though it's not exactly visible, it can be problematic. The oil can coat the inside of the drain and pipe, rather than continue on its path, which can eventually limit the flow of water and result in a blockage. When it comes to the use of such products on your skin, think about going a different route.

If your shower drain is clogged, contact a plumber for drain cleaning services, and then follow these tips to prevent your drain from clogging again.