Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Kitchen Clean

If you run a restaurant, you know how important it is to keep the kitchen clean in order to have sanitary and safe cooking surfaces, to keep out pest infestation, and for general health purposes. Here are some tips for keeping your restaurant kitchen in top shape:

Clean before and after Every Shift

While you probably do quite a bit of cleaning and wiping surfaces during your cooking shifts, there are also some cleaning duties that should be done between each shift. When you are about to stop the breakfast shift and begin serving lunch, take a few minutes to clean the kitchen. Have everyone in the kitchen help to clean the fryers and grill, replace dirty rags with clean ones, wash all meat and cheese slicers, and take out the trash in all full bins. Make sure all prepping surfaces are cleaned during this time, as well.

Sweep the Floors Frequently

Cooking and prepping surfaces tend to get cleaned often enough, but floors are sometimes forgotten about. Not only can having food crumbs and spills on the floor be a hazard to the employees who are running around the kitchen to keep up with a busy restaurant shift, but this can also increase your risk for pests. The last thing you want is a cockroach problem simply because you didn't sweep often enough. Make sure after each spill and between shifts you are sweeping all floors in the kitchen, including inside walk-in refrigerators and freezers, and in any food-storage rooms.

Have the Grease Traps Cleaned

Some kitchen cleaning should be done by a professional, including the grease trap cleaning. While you can do this yourself, it is a lot of work, and you'd still need to figure out how to dispose of the grease properly. There are professionals that can clean those oily and greasy traps to keep them clear, help prevent blockages from a plumbing backup, and take care of the waste at the same time. The frequency depends on your restaurant needs, but you will likely have it done about once a month or so.

Keep Up with the Less Urgent Cleaning and Maintenance Tasks

There are also some cleaning and maintenance tasks that should be done a little less often, but still on a routine basis. This includes cleaning inside and outside of refrigerators and freezers, cleaning out the ice machine, and calibrating the thermometers for all coking appliances. You may occasionally need to wash walls and ceilings to keep it clean and pest-free inside your kitchen. Call in a pest control company if you find any signs of insects or rodents in the restaurant or kitchen area.