4 Common Furnace Problems To Take Care Of In Spring While The Heat Is Off

Now that you may be turning your furnace off for the spring and summer, you may want to consider improvements to make it more energy efficient. This can give you time to have things done like installing a geothermal loop or updating your ductwork while you do not need heating and ensure your system is more energy efficient next winter. Here are some common furnace problems and improvements that you may want to take care of while the heating is off for the summer:

1. Replacing A Broken Or Outdated Blower Motor

If your furnace seemed to not be blowing a lot of air this winter, it may be due to a blower motor that needs to be replaced. This is usually a simple repair that can be done in a couple of hours. You may also want to replace the motor with a more efficient motor if you have an older system but are not quite ready to invest in a complete furnace replacement.

2. Improve Ductwork With Better Insulated Designs

The ductwork of your HVAC system can be the source of a lot of energy loss. You may have old ducts that do not have good airflow or leak a lot of air. The spring months are a good time to start thinking about addressing issues with ductwork by improving the insulation of ducts or having a new system of ductwork installed in your home.

3. Add Automation And Energy Efficiency With Digital Controls

Many older systems may also lack automation and digital controls. This is not just the thermostat that controls your HVAC in your living room, but also the controls on the system itself. You may want to talk with your HVAC contractor about the different options to add digital controls and automation to your existing heating system.

4. Replacing Wiring That Has Been Damaged In The Furnace

Over the years, the wiring inside your furnace can become worn and have problems, such as exposed wires. You may want to consider having it looked at and repairing any damage to the system. You may also want to talk with the repair contractor about adding heat-sleeves to any wires near a heat source, which will help protect them from damage.

These are some of the improvements that you may want to do for your heating system when you turn it off this spring. If you need help with repairs and improvements to your heating, contact a furnace repair contractor like Allcounty Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning and talk with them about some of these ideas to ensure your heating is performing at its best next year.