Hire A Plumber To Help Reduce Your Household Water Consumption

Whether you're concerned about your expensive water bills or you're simply environmentally conscious and want to limit the amount of water that your household uses, there are multiple ways to achieve this goal. Your habits are important to consider -- things such as taking shorter showers and shutting off the water while you brush your teeth can play a role. It's also ideal to think about how a licensed plumber might be able to help you reduce your water consumption. Give a call to your local plumber to discuss the projects that he or she can tackle with this goal in mind. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Install A Low-Flow Shower Head

The installation of a low-flow shower head is a simple task that your plumber can perform to help you reduce your household water consumption. This style of shower head is widely available at home improvement stores and, like a traditional shower head, can still offer various types of spray settings. The difference is that there's a gasket inside the shower head that limits the flow of water -- it might take a little getting used to, but you'll be happy when you check your water bill at the end of the month. Your local plumber can remove your old shower head and install the new model correctly.

Fix Any Dripping Taps

If you have dripping taps anywhere in your home -- the kitchen, the bathroom or the laundry room, for example -- they can be disruptive with their chronic noise. A bigger concern, however, is that they're increasing your water usage without you necessarily realizing it. Call your local plumber and this issue will soon be in the past. The plumber will likely remove the tap and check for issues. Often, he or she can solve the problem by redoing the plumber's tape on the fixture.

Deal With A Leaking Toilet

Some toilets have slow leaks, which means that the water in the tank will gradually flow into the bowl. In terms of your water usage, the concern is that the tank will continue to refill unnecessarily. If you think you might have this problem, your plumber will be able to test for it by dying the water in the tank and then seeing if the dye appears in the bowl without flushing the toilet. The plumber can then replace any faulty or worn-out components and check the toilet's seals to ensure that the leak is no longer elevating your household water usage.

For help with these or other issues, talk to a plumbing company like Rolling Bay Plumbing.